How I save 5 hours every week

When I come home after a long trip, I pick up my mail and sort through the stack as usual. It’s easy, I know what’s junk and what I need to read immediately. Now imagine the mailman decided to drop off 5,000 pieces of mail at once. There’s no way you could get through that mess without some help. But that’s exactly what we’re expected to do everyday in our email inbox.

Email Overload

Luckily, I found a service that prioritizes my email for me. SaneBox decides what’s important based on your past behavior with your inbox. Less important messages are placed in a folder named SaneLater, which you can look through at any time, while the important messages remain in your inbox. When I’m off traveling or just sitting down for a morning cup of coffee it’s a relief to only see messages that actually matter in my inbox.

The idea is that unimportant messages shouldn’t be interrupting your day and your inbox should be reserved only for high priority emails. It’s been working great so far and has saved me a ton of time on email.

Another important SaneBox feature I use is SaneBlackhole. If you receive annoying or suspicious outreach messages via snail mail, the last thing you would do is reply to them personally asking to unsubscribe. Your inbox is no different. Simply drag and annoying senders or suspicious looking email into the SaneBlackhole folder, and you’ll never receive a message from that sender again.

One of the best features of SaneBox is being able to check it wherever I am in the world. When at the airport, I don’t have to sift through distracting messages before seeing the important email from a colleague. If I look through my email at lunch, I know immediately if there’s something I need to respond to without sifting through heaps of useless email.

SaneBox doesn’t work with POP accounts, but if you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook or any of the other dozens of IMAP based email clients or services give SaneBox a try.


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